Owen Meany - History
…an ongoing story of success
Founded as TROIKA purchasing, a distribution office under the management of Mr. Uwe E. Boensch.
Corporate Business has played a major role from the very first beginning, as well as the strong ties to the Germany-based
partner company of Asian Connection. When it comes to experience and values Cheryl Kong and Cannes Leung have also ever since been the heart of the company.
Distribution was taken over by Owen Meany Ltd.
Since then, growing the distribution of European Lifestyle brands
in Greater China (Hong Kong, PRC, Macau and Taiwan)
became the focused aim of Owen Meany.
Development of sourcing and the buying office activities has also taken place since 2005. In this field working for and together with major European brands.
More sophistication in the brand sector by adding USUS writing instruments. Made in Berlin, another German Designed outstanding brand proving the success of distributing quality, aesthetic and a distinction from the average.
Grand opening of TROIKA GERMANY DESIGN SHOP, the first own retail shop at the Miramar Shopping Mall in Kowloon, the bustling pulse of Hong Kong.
Encouraging Retail Business with appointing Michael To, a widely experienced sales professional being in charge for the key account customers and signing another brand. Jost / Leonhard Heyden, famous for authentic design and quality in leather ware, outlasting generations.
Expanding the retail business towards Macau and its world famous Casinos and underline the loyalty to products made in Germany.
Zeppelin and Junkers timepieces found there spot in an ongoing story of success.
The range of travel accessories was constantly growing. Daydream sleep masks should round up the globe-trotting gadgets of Troika items.
More European variety was created by launching Charmex (watches from Switzerland) and Lip (watches from France).
Growing business opportunities throughout south-east-asia meant more business development. Therefore Dominik Billig was hired to enhance business and to continue the ongoing story of success.


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